Technical and Network Support

· Technical support division is led by a technical supervisor, has 3 service engineers and technicians. It’s main functions are installing, configuring, commissioning, maintaining and peripherals. The technical support team is further subdivided into “in-house” and “field-support” groups.

  Technical Support and Services

Hardware Warranty Support
Siswa Setia provides unmatched services and Warranty support.
In accordance with warranty agreement provided by manufacturer.

Special arrangement can be made via Siswa Setia if customers request for more comprehensive training provided by our principal at Germany.

Response Time
Siswa Setia understands that nowadays more and more Institutions and Universities are depending on catalogue and quotation as an edge over the competition and also hassle for every one. Therefore Siswa Setia provides one of the fastest response time for all problems with just lock into our webpage and email to us.

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