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Siswa Setia Sdn. Bhd(306062-D)
was first started in 2001. With more than a year of establishment, we have progressed well and today we are one of the leading Training Integrator in Malaysia.

Siswa Setia Training Systems offer many Trainer and Application solutions. One of our major expertise is in Power Electronics and all kind of Machine Trainer especially Servo Systems.

Throughout our involvement and experience in this multi-user environment, we have planned, designed and implemented many modular applications. These Uni-Train, E-Learning, as well some customized Lab equipment.

We provide technical know-how by configuring and commissioning small-scale and even large scale Industrial Trainer Systems. These exposures allow us to associate with many key product principals. We have strategic TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER ALLIANCE with LUCAS-NUELLE, PHYWE, INTEA, BOSCH-REXROTH, EMCO, FESTO AND INGENATIC e-learning solutions. The strategic alliances essentially important that enable us to obtain the LATEST ART OF TECHNOLOGY. We believed this would evidently benefited to our Institution and all Universities in Malaysia. At the same time, not forgetting that we have the right technical personnel to provide the in-house support all the way through from systems discussion to installation and commissioning.

Siswa Setia training systems will provide full solution Lab Setup.

We have very intensive market coverage in Lab setup projects. As to-date, we are servicing many Institutions, (JTR) (MOE) (MOYS) and local Universities. Recently, we managed to secure all Community Colleges requirements.

Siswa Setia Sdn. Bhd is currently operating at headquarter,

TEL : 03-8076 6061
FAX : 03-8076 6063

With business volume amounting more than RM 500 thousand ringgit per annum, paid-up capital of RM 1 million, and the staff strength of 4 persons, we have proven to be aggressive and dependable in assuring your ultimate objective towards your co-operation to build our Malaysian education in future.

  Our Profile

A local information Technology Service, Solution and Consultancy Provider.
We were established in 2001.
We have over 4 employees.
We have an authorized capital of RM 1 million and a paid up capital of RM 100,000.
We have achieved a sales turnover of RM 500 thousand and above in 2001.

  Our Nature of Business

Specializes in Lab setup in Electrical and Electronics equipment.
Electrical Power Engineering
All kind of Machines Trainer.
All kind of Test Measurements and Tools.
Automotive Technology.
Industrial Automation Technology.
Electrical Machines, Power Electronics and Drive Technology.
Measurement, Open and Closed Loop Control.
Information and Communication Technology


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